Definition of patent trolling in English:

patent trolling


mass nounderogatory, informal
  • The practice of obtaining and using patents for licensing or litigation purposes rather than in the production of one’s own goods or services.

    ‘its real business model is patent trolling’
    • ‘A recent major study out of Boston University estimated the cost of patent trolling on the US economy at $29 billion in 2011 alone.’
    • ‘More than 60 leaders have signed a letter asking the House Judiciary Committee to investigate patent trolling.’
    • ‘The fight against patent trolling is a hard and seemingly never-ending one.’
    • ‘While the law would not stop all patent trolling cases it would certainly make law firms that engage in them think twice before targeting someone with litigation.’
    • ‘These patent trolling companies should be punished.’
    • ‘The overall issue of patent trolling has caught the attention of the White House.’
    • ‘While patent trolling is not new, however, the explosion of technology in our lives has dramatically expanded the scope for trolling.’
    • ‘He wouldn't sign any contracts that might encourage patent trolling.’
    • ‘We still need broader reform to deal with low-quality patents and widespread patent trolling.’
    • ‘They hope the agreement will reduce the nuisance of patent trolling.’