Definition of patchwork economy in English:

patchwork economy


  • An economy in which there are areas of growth and areas of decline.

    ‘the initiative will support businesses facing challenges in our patchwork economy’
    ‘the report continues to suggest a patchwork economy, with only service sectors recording positive business conditions’
    • ‘There was little deviation between the states—this was a very uniform month for the so-called patchwork economy.’
    • ‘Everyone laments the patchwork economy, but there will be a high price to pay if we try to pump up the non-resources sector while we digest an investment boom.’
    • ‘On the surface, it looks like another small business struggling in the patchwork economy.’
    • ‘The government is acutely aware that our patchwork economy continues to put some Australian businesses and families under pressure.’
    • ‘There is nothing to suggest that the Australian economy is transitioning away from the patchwork economy of recent years.’
    • ‘It's the one important issue that everyone commenting on the patchwork economy should understand.’
    • ‘A patchwork economy is still visible in Australia, with some businesses struggling while others show strong growth.’
    • ‘Given the patchwork economy that has beset many businesses, this is an impressive effort.’
    • ‘There has been so much rhetoric from Labour and the patchwork economy and their disassociation of this to the carbon tax.’
    • ‘For Australia's patchwork economy, held as it has been in the thrall of an investment boom, these changes stretch across industry, sector, geography, and investor type.’