Definition of patch reef in English:

patch reef


  • A small isolated platform of coral.

    • ‘During his briefing, the captain illustrated the structure of the patch reef and how the boat was anchored near its center.’
    • ‘It turns out that we dived around a little patch reef last night, so all we had to do was swim out along the stern line, keep the rock to our left and we would eventually get back to where we started.’
    • ‘The westside transects were placed in the ‘in situ patch reef,’ composed of Porites and Montastraea.’
    • ‘The patch reef fish fauna at the St. Croix site was more dependent on plankton, while that at One Tree Reef was more dependent upon algae.’
    • ‘The patch reefs grew in isolation on a broad, shallow subtidal ramp.’
    • ‘The healthy fringing and patch reefs support a multitude of reef life including nurse sharks, moray eels, turtles, large barracuda and tarpon, and giant manta rays.’
    • ‘In the Caribbean, however, B. candida is typically found in the shallow subtidal (one to two meters), attached to live corals on patch reefs in relatively calm water.’
    • ‘In St. Croix, S. radians also occurs on patch reefs where both large and small males maintain territories and harems; in patch reef habitats particularly, individuals can attain extraordinarily large sizes.’
    • ‘We used a two-factor ANOVA to compare nearest neighbor distances between continuous reef and patch reef habitat with habitat type and sampling year as the main effects.’
    • ‘To the west of Boli Mulah lies a banana-shaped giri, or patch reef, creating its own tight channel.’
    • ‘Most days started with a pair of big wall dives around a patch reef in the morning, followed by a shallower site for the afternoon dive.’
    • ‘Hermatypic (reef-building) corals form fringing reefs along coastlines, patch reefs on the shelves, and sometimes barrier reefs along the shelf edge.’
    • ‘Initial phase males are proportionally more abundant in larger populations that become denser when they aggregate at the patch reef edge to spawn each day.’
    • ‘Although organ-pipes had higher abundances in patch reef environments, columnar and massive species exhibited broad, completely overlapping distributions and had abundances that were not related to reef environment.’
    • ‘This site, known as the Hoher Goll, consists of limestone deposited in a shallow-water carbonate complex characterized by abundant coral and spongiomorph patch reefs.’
    • ‘Only 25 to 30 feet, Dog Rock has patch reef, coral heads and swim-throughs, but was exceptional thanks to silversides in the tens of thousands.’
    • ‘He adds that patch reefs have a higher abundance and diversity of corals than the degraded coastal reefs and that some of these species may be more tolerant to warmer waters.’
    • ‘Chief among these is The Islands, a dense, labyrinthine concentration of pinnacles and patch reef just off the Dahab shore.’
    • ‘In general, organ-pipes prefer patch reef environments and are more abundant there than on the reef crest.’
    • ‘The upper Middle Ordovician rocks are carbonate platform deposits and include numerous patch reefs or bioherms.’