Definition of Patarene in English:


(also Patarine, Patarin)


Church History
  • 1A member of any of various heretical groups in the 12th cent., and (later) those with extreme rigorist or Manichaean tendencies, especially the Cathars. [Chiefly used, with derogatory implication, by their opponents.]

  • 2A member of a radical group based in 11th-cent. Milan which originally aimed to reform clerical behaviour and campaigned particularly to promote celibacy in the priesthood.


Church History
  • Designating or relating to the Patarenes or their beliefs.


Early 18th century; earliest use found in Ephraim Chambers (?1680–1740), encyclopaedist. From French Patarin, Paterin heretic from post-classical Latin Patarini, Paterini (plural) members of the Pataria, also denoting heretics of various kinds ( Pathareni Cathars, Bogomils, Patareni Waldenses) from Pataria, the name of a religious movement of the second half of the 11th cent. in Milan, which strove against the vices of the clergy of the time, especially the marriage of priests and simony, of uncertain origin + -ini, plural of -inus, -eni, plural of -enus.