Definition of Pat Malone in English:

Pat Malone


in phrase on one's Pat Malone" or "pat
NZ, Australian
  • On one's own.

    • ‘Being all on my pat up there that evening somehow gave me the dingbats properly.’
    • ‘That mug doesn't ring a bell; you must've been on your pat.’
    • ‘Travelling with my Aussie mates, we took turns to navigate, but now I'm on my Pat Malone again.’
    • ‘Robyn then left the stage, leaving yours truly all on his Pat Malone.’
    • ‘They form the committee on their pat.’
    • ‘She's moved into there on her Pat Malone and left me on the farm with my two horses.’


Early 20th century: rhyming slang.


Pat Malone

/pat məˈləʊn/