Definition of pastry cook in English:

pastry cook


  • A professional cook who specializes in making pastry.

    • ‘She was governed by the pastry cook award I see, at page 550.’
    • ‘As luck would have it, a pastry cook position became available before she left and she was invited to stay.’
    • ‘The final cook-off is the culmination of an eight month long search for the best amateur mincemeat and pastry cook in the country.’
    • ‘Jane turns out to be an excellent salad and pastry cook.’
    • ‘I'm not a pastry cook, but I've had to learn a certain amount about it.’
    • ‘True, she admits that this fête immediately called for certain sacrifices - after all, her mother is a pastry cook and cooks very well on the whole!’
    • ‘Renee had applied for a pastry cook position at the renowned Berkeley restaurant Chez Panisse.’
    • ‘Many supermarkets have been out of lard for the past two weeks and traditional pastry cooks have had to scour corner shops for a pack.’
    • ‘His apprenticeship was nearing its end when Albert, who was then working as a sous chef in the kitchens of the British Embassy in Paris, suggested he apply for the position of pastry cook there.’
    • ‘Seven years later, he learnt the author was a pastry cook who catered for the ball, and won Elvira's hand.’
    • ‘An extra pastry cook and five waitresses from Fortnum and Mason were paid £58.’
    • ‘The original has more than 30 characters plus assorted lackeys, pastry cooks and cadets to help create a vision of life in 17 th-century Paris.’
    • ‘To produce this number there are 200 pastry cooks and 500 main kitchen cooks.’
    • ‘A pastry cook can note difference in the thicknesses of creme anglaise made right before service as opposed to that made the day before.’
    cook, cordon bleu cook, food preparer
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pastry cook