Definition of pastoralism in English:



  • See pastoral

    • ‘Tribes practising sedentary agriculture or non-nomadic pastoralism are already on the downhill run towards modern, industrial society.’
    • ‘By taking more than half of the area out of the Northern Territory, the main job-generating industries of the Territory, mining and pastoralism, have been seriously retarded.’
    • ‘Trench himself was an enthusiastic and moderately talented artist, and surviving works in the style of Claude show he envisaged Heywood as the ideal of contented Tory pastoralism.’
    • ‘Beyond some engagement with pastoralism in the Gedo region (adjacent to Kenya and Ethiopia), it lacked an established niche in Somalia's economy.’
    • ‘In more than a quarter of a century of land rights there has been no significant commercial development in the southern NT where Aborigines own half the land, despite ample opportunities in tourism, pastoralism and horticulture.’
    • ‘An anxious pastoralism is a distinctive part of the attempt of many American middle-class and intellectual Jews to assimilate to the Anglo-Saxon background.’
    • ‘She had taught at the Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, from 1976-2000, specialising in the Indus civilisation, urbanisation, trade and pastoralism.’
    • ‘This, however, is far from typical, and if the drift of my broader argument about romantic pastoralism is to be understood then another and unhappier picture must be shown.’
    • ‘Tourism and terrorism have turned out to be twin vectors of change for the old Kenya of pastoralism, smallholder farms, and colonial ranches.’
    • ‘The last issue covers agriculture, forestry, pastoralism, mines and Industry.’
    • ‘The pioneering family left behind legacies of pastoralism, art, and agriculture.’
    • ‘Although still contested, some conservationists have accepted the argument that pastoralists do not automatically degrade the environment and that pastoralism and wildlife conservation may be mutually compatible.’
    • ‘Subjects such as colonisation, migration, mining, convictism, and the development of pastoralism and agriculture all seem to provide opportunities for specialist investigations using archaeological techniques and approaches.’
    • ‘Indeed, the hobbits' Shire may be just another version of nostalgic English pastoralism, as godless and self-sufficient as the world of Badger, Mole and Ratty in Kenneth Grahame's The Wind In The Willows.’
    • ‘And then finally cultural factors, the Norse were derived from a Norwegian society that was identified with pastoralism, and particularly valued calves.’
    • ‘I propose that tourism and pastoralism should be partners, that areas of NT Parks dominated by buffel should be fenced, then cattle be introduced to graze the grass.’
    • ‘With the advent of non-traditional Aboriginal lifestyles, pastoralism, buffel grass, feral animals and road access to many places in the NT, land management has changed forever from pre-European times.’
    • ‘The move augurs disaster for pastoralism in the sub-continent, it is a mode of violence against the lives and livelihoods of several thousand rural households.’
    • ‘Historically, Arabs in Sudan tend to practice nomadic pastoralism, and black Africans (such as the Fur or Masalit) tend to subsist through sedentary agriculture.’
    • ‘Politically, they have roots that go back to the nineteenth century of American pastoralism and trustbusting, and of European social democracy and state regulation.’