Definition of pastoral property in English:

pastoral property

(also pastoral run)


  • An establishment on which livestock are bred.

    ‘an unfenced main road passes through the pastoral property’
    • ‘It was one of three Northern Territory pastoral properties to be purchased through the council on behalf of its traditional Aboriginal owners.’
    • ‘At the time, he owned sheep pastoral properties in Western Australia.’
    • ‘One of Western Australia's longest-held pastoral properties goes up for auction today in Perth.’
    • ‘By the 1890s, many of the pastoral properties were cut up for farming.’
    • ‘Birdsville, in the middle of nowhere with a population of about 100 people, is the service centre for outlying pastoral properties.’
    • ‘They advertised some of their pastoral properties for sale, probably to raise the necessary money to finance their expansionary activities.’
    • ‘One of South Australia's iconic pastoral runs is being offered at auction next month.’
    • ‘Mount Pierre is one of some 116 pastoral properties around Australia now owned by Aboriginal people.’
    • ‘Recently, many of the pastoral properties have opened their gates to welcome the tourist.’
    • ‘He joined others to speculate in and develop pastoral properties along the Murray and Lachlan rivers.’