Definition of pastoral company in English:

pastoral company


  • A commercial enterprise engaged in the large-scale breeding of livestock.

    ‘they operate as traditional pastoral companies, trading in wool and livestock’
    • ‘Half the cattle were sold for slaughter, while the rest were moved to other properties owned by one of Australia's best known pastoral companies.’
    • ‘It consisted mostly of real estate and interest in pastoral companies.’
    • ‘For the big pastoral companies with their billions in profits, tax breaks and government handouts, it's business as usual.’
    • ‘The stockman's image took a bit of a knock, however, when some of the larger pastoral companies decided their stockmen should be wearing riding helmets when out on the range.’
    • ‘By the 1880s the financial institutions of these centres were firmly interconnected, symbolised by the merging of the two leading pastoral companies.’
    • ‘A decision is imminent on the future of Australia's largest pastoral company.’
    • ‘Despite now having the biggest herd for a pastoral company in Australia's history, the chairman called the financial result that year "disappointing".’
    • ‘Over the past two years the company has transformed itself from being a traditional pastoral company to being a food company.’
    • ‘They ensured that regional lands remained locked away in the grip of the giant pastoral companies and kings in grass castles.’
    • ‘One of the nation's other major pastoral companies has already bought property in the territory.’