Definition of pasting in English:



  • A severe beating or defeat.

    ‘another pasting for England's bowlers’
    • ‘Italy producing fine disciplined rugby, and Wales playing like flounders in the Severn, and at the end a thoroughly-merited win for the Azzurri and a deserved pasting for the Welsh.’
    • ‘After a humiliating pasting at the Ayr by-election earlier this year, where they didn't just lose the MSP seat but slumped into third place, one would have thought Labour would have been keen to draw a veil over a memorably inept campaign.’
    • ‘And it was comforting revenge for a pasting at rain-saturated Dooradoyle last season; a none-too-eminent performance before a bigger than local support.’
    • ‘Initially, the shares took a bit of a pasting, but got away lightly, unlike Elan, which saw 50% wiped off it value in the space of day.’
    • ‘Don't try eating a baked potato on the bus unless you want a pasting from a raging driver in front of 40 other people even poorer than yourself.’
    • ‘Fresh from its pasting for reclaiming shares wrongly allocated three years ago, the Halifax finally decided if it can't beat the ‘good guys’ in the banking world, it is going to have to join them.’
    • ‘All the time, his own party is being linked to all the things that go wrong and is getting a pasting.’
    • ‘Never before have the tiny group of islands in the north Atlantic come so far in a qualifying campaign without being on the receiving end of a couple of pastings, at least.’
    • ‘This criticism, however, is as nothing compared to the pasting that the UN is getting from some quarters.’
    • ‘In fact, the highest-rated hour of Game Six came after Arizona had all but run away with the game, almost as if America was taking some sort of sick pleasure at watching the Yankees take a pasting.’
    • ‘Clayton said: ‘Those first few ships in were really in for a pasting and it took considerable courage to be right at the front.’’
    • ‘But critical pastings and the lack of new scores of any quality dog the British musical just as much as they have its American counterpart.’
    • ‘This farrago of nonsense was surprisingly influential, and remains so to this day, though I must admit (having just looked him up) that he got a thorough pasting from his fellow critics even while he was alive.’
    • ‘The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, despite government assertions to the contrary, also receives a pasting as it is perceived as disadvantageous to US pharmaceutical firms.’
    • ‘I know that you love the ring and would suffer it for the duration, but it is just not fair that your poor chap has had to take a financial pasting over an essentially worthless piece of jewellery.’
    • ‘Short and his colleagues gave Celtic a pasting in the first half.’
    • ‘He will need to raise his game to avoid a second pasting.’
    • ‘One reason is the aftermath of the 2000-03 bear market in which pension funds and insurance company with-profits funds took a pasting.’
    • ‘We took an absolute pasting and had to make two or three redundancies.’
    • ‘Housing estates like Sallybrook on the Clonea Road took a pasting that is certain to have cost many homeowners substantially in terms of the damage caused.’
    crushing defeat, annihilation, drubbing, trouncing, rout
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