Definition of pastiness in English:



  • See pasty

    • ‘The pastiness combined with all of her wrinkles, and it made her look absolutely dreadful, as though she was an anemic dragged from the grave.’
    • ‘The startling pastiness that had settled on his features quickly disappeared as he nodded, rubbing his temples lightly.’
    • ‘Barry had noticed the pastiness disappearing from Aiden's face and that made him grin more.’
    • ‘I sit in a cubicle lit by fluorescent bulbs that highlight the pastiness of my complexion, and the article about building an ice-skating pond where there once stood a dump made me wonder what value I get out of sitting like this.’
    • ‘And I have to start looking good too, as my latest crush wont be turned on by pastiness.’
    • ‘In addition to its thickening ability and tendency to prevent ‘wheying off’ or syneresis in yogurt, this organic starch is bland and permits natural flavors in the food to burst through without any masking or pastiness on the palate.’
    • ‘Without spending much time in the sun, the prime minister nonetheless manages to keep pastiness at bay.’