Definition of pastilla in English:



  • A type of Moroccan meat pie, typically filled with spiced pigeon meat and apricots and having a sugared crust.

    • ‘And a pastilla filled with mussels, shrimps and vermicelli was a misguided variation on the classic pigeon version.’
    • ‘The pastilla is plate-busting, the service lovely, the belly dancer busty: you won't eat a more sophisticated lamb's brain salad anywhere in Morocco.’
    • ‘I didn't eat another pastilla.’
    • ‘Bake for 45 minutes at 190°C, removing the pastilla from its tin and turning it over halfway through.’
    • ‘Bathed in devilishly dark black mole, these grownup tacos bear up to their deeply spicy sauce of chipotle, pastilla and ancho chiles.’
    • ‘None of this worried me, for the simple reason that my pastilla - quite a different animal from the one the night before - was delicious.’
    • ‘One of the girls at our table is having a completely different dish than the pastilla.’
    • ‘A specialty dish commonly prepared for ceremonial occasions is pastilla, a layered pastry filled with pigeon, eggs, and nuts, topped with cinnamon and sugar.’
    • ‘We hadn't been planning to eat until later, but when I spotted that the ubiquitous pastilla was listed under specialties de la maison, I couldn't resist sneaking one in.’
    • ‘The food, though inexpensive, is delicious: aromatic tagines, spicy merguez, sweet pastilla.’
    • ‘No, she insisted, there were no eggs in it - that was right for a chicken pastilla, not for a pigeon one.’
    • ‘I had my first pastilla on our first evening.’


Spanish, or Moroccan Arabic beṣṭila, from Spanish pastel pie.