Definition of pasticheur in English:



  • An artist who imitates the style of another.

    ‘the early paintings reveal him as merely a pasticheur with panache’
    • ‘Yet he was never a pasticheur and remained a committed Modernist.’
    • ‘Its stated goal was to determine once and for all what the master painted and which pictures should be relegated to students, followers, and modern pasticheurs.’
    • ‘There are those to whom the Strokes sound fresh and there are others to whom they sound like pasticheurs of a certain type of 1970s rock.’
    • ‘That artist - the ‘brilliant newcomer,’ ‘imitator,’ and consummate pasticheur - was Pablo Picasso.’
    • ‘But the Dears are far more than pasticheurs: they layer their constructions intricately, adding soul, funk, strings, brass and even hints of prog to their sprawling, multisectioned songs, with mesmerising results.’
    • ‘Many of Pasolini's films are neorealist influenced - he described himself as a pasticheur, given to ‘stylistic contamination.’’
    • ‘Oddly, the pasticheur closest in spirit to Duchamp's double forgery In the Manner of Delvaux was Marcel Proust.’