Definition of pasteurizer in English:


(British pasteuriser)


  • See pasteurize

    • ‘‘We blend 500-gallon batches, pump the mix into the pasteurizer and then send it to the homogenizer running at 1,000 gallons an hour,’ says Calder.’
    • ‘With their own small pasteurizer, homogenizer, soft-serve machinery and novelty-forming equipment, the plant's R&D director and food technologists can create test products without disrupting normal plant operations.’
    • ‘New equipment additions include a Microthermics UHT / HTST lab pasteurizer with an in-line homogenizer and chiller, and additional freezer capacity.’
    • ‘From the pasteurizer the blend is transferred to 10 6,000-gallon cheese vats.’
    • ‘By installing new Pro5 Plus, Bohn adds, an existing pasteurizer operating at 90 percent can increase to 92.5 percent without any piping changes.’
    • ‘The fluid milk pasteurizer handles 8,000 gallons per hour, 20 hours a day, he says.’
    • ‘The Searcy plant features a high-temperature short time pasteurizer, which pasteurizes 1,000 gallons of milk an hour.’
    • ‘I made the mistake of sitting through his classes and taking the test one time, and found I need a lot more training before I'm ready to get certified as a pasteurizer.’
    • ‘How do you train employees to manage a CCP like the High Temperature Short Time pasteurizer, where a thorough technical knowledge of the process and maintenance of impeccable records is mandatory?’
    • ‘Here's the homogenizer, there's the pasteurizer, up on the wall is the recording thermometer data grapher.’
    • ‘About a year ago, we took everything out of the rooms, stripped out the floor, put in new 1-inch pavers through the whole area, and then brought in the new pasteurizer and re-piped the entire system.’
    • ‘‘We understand pasteurization is run by guidelines - it's all documented on the chart record,’ he points out, adding that the plant pasteurizer is inspected at least twice a year.’
    • ‘Even without legal approval, some individuals choose to compost the end product further in an active, outdoor compost pile, or to use a pasteurizer, such as a solar oven, to destroy potential pathogens.’
    • ‘The cream is piped to the vat pasteurizers, while the skim or standardized milk completes its trip through the HTST pasteurizer.’
    • ‘Raw milk is pumped from the silos into the plant for pasteurization through an HTST pasteurizer, which operates at speeds up to 115,000 pounds an hour.’
    • ‘Each plant has its own pasteurizer, its own set of vats, and its own draining and salting belt, so we can make two types of cheeses simultaneously.’
    • ‘Whey is separated into two storage tanks, pumped directly through a pasteurizer and concentrated by reverse osmosis to 10 percent before drying.’
    • ‘When a batch of blended base mix is complete, it's pumped out of the blend tank into the pasteurizer and homogenizer, and finally into pasteurized storage tanks.’
    • ‘In addition to this, in the packaging hall for example, water is recirculated between the different compartments of the bottle washer, and also at the pasteurizer.’
    • ‘They run 31,000 pounds of milk an hour through the pasteurizer, Larson explains; some milk is shipped back out unpasteurized for raw cheese production.’