Definition of pastellist in English:


(also pastelist)


  • See pastel

    • ‘These methods include an encaustic technique and a secret for fixing pastel invented by the pastelist Loriot.’
    • ‘There is an early Irish link with the pastellist, who went to South Carolina from Dublin in 1708.’
    • ‘The pastellist Quentin de La Tour picked up the same motif in his 1755 portrait of her.’
    • ‘She was the pupil first of her father, a pastellist specializing in portraiture, and then of Doyen, but also benefited from the advice of family friends.’
    • ‘By the first decade of the twentieth century, the club appears to have established itself as the premier venue for exhibiting the works of the most progressive and talented watercolorists and pastelists of the era.’
    • ‘The book is beautifully illustrated with paintings and pastels by the author who is a master pastelist.’
    • ‘As Clarke says: ‘Degas is simply one of the great pastelists.’’