Definition of pastel-coloured in English:



  • Of a pale and delicate shade of a colour.

    ‘she was looking elegant in a pastel-coloured suit’
    • ‘I made them from pastel-colored card stock, simply photocopying my templates onto the sheets.’
    • ‘Why are there now so many female-oriented books with pastel-coloured covers about twenty-something relationships?’
    • ‘The little girls wore frilly pastel-colored dresses and white patent leather shoes with matching pocketbooks.’
    • ‘Most important, she helped to secure almost $8 million in grants and loans to build new pastel-colored duplexes with running water, toilets and central heating.’
    • ‘The amber mountains of Sinai soared towards a sapphire-blue sky and provided a fantastic backdrop to the cluster of pastel-coloured five-star hotels lining the beach.’
    • ‘The story takes place in a modern, high-tech facility with pastel-coloured decor.’
    • ‘Company reports resemble glossy fashion magazines and the pastel-coloured web pages are frequently adorned with pictures of exotic flowers and fruits.’
    • ‘Everyone had even bigger '80s hair and pastel-coloured clothing.’
    • ‘The agent meets me outside the pastel-coloured Victorian villa, which sits on one of the area's most picturesque and leafy squares.’
    • ‘People are growing tired of suffering through wakes in funeral homes where friends and family gather around the 'dearly departed' in poorly-lit, pastel-coloured rooms.’
    • ‘The town was strung out along the shoreline, the pastel-colored buildings reminded me of a child's blocks.’
    • ‘Since his "father's" death, Edward has lived in isolation in the hilltop mansion that overlooks a clean, pastel-colored suburb.’
    • ‘It's like a big sweetshop full of pastel-coloured lollipops.’
    • ‘He takes me down the stairs, into the basement, past the paintings of long-dead kings and queens, to a pretty, pastel-coloured but unremarkable portrait of a young woman.’
    • ‘Their faces were sticky with sweat, and their pastel-colored clothes shone in the sunlight.’
    • ‘Almost every girl under the age of 35 has a fake fur collar and a pastel-coloured parka.’
    • ‘Look for feminine, pastel-coloured or patterned round-necked shapes.’
    • ‘The company launched pastel-colored products and jumbo-sized paper tower rolls just in time for the 1958 recession.’
    • ‘White flowers appear in mid-summer as dramatic plumes which rise above the plants on stalks, although some varieties have pastel-colored blooms.’
    • ‘In front of the pastel-coloured, colonnaded buildings of Parliament Square, Queen Victoria's statue casts a beady eye over modern Nassau.’
    light-coloured, light-toned, pale, pale-coloured, pastel
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