Definition of passivate in English:



[with object]usually as adjective passivated
  • 1Make (a metal or other substance) unreactive by altering the surface layer or coating the surface with a thin inert layer.

    ‘components are made from passivated and anodized aluminium’
    ‘the process both cleans and passivates stainless steel’
    • ‘To passivate the flow cell, it was subsequently incubated with 10 mg/ml BSA.’
    • ‘This chemical reaction can ultimately neutralize the alkaline environment and destabilize the passivating layer - in a process that can be just as destructive as chloride penetration.’
    • ‘The method further comprises performing a number of strip / passivate cycles to remove a polymer formed on sidewalls of the metal segments in the dense region.’
    • ‘Standard assembly tools are designed for fully passivated silicon die.’
    • ‘We fractured the tips flat with inner diameters of 6-8 m with a microforge (Stoelting, Wood Dale, IL) and then coated the tips with SurfaSil to passivate the surface.’
    • ‘Their surfaces were subsequently stabilized by passivating surfactants, concentrated, and then redispersed in an epoxy used to form the dome of the LED.’
    • ‘In addition, the choice of the proper grades of stainless steel and passivated systems has reduced or eliminated the gelling of paint caused by metal ions, lowering the potential for dirt to enter the paint supply system.’
    • ‘The chlorides destroyed the passivating effect of cement's alkaline environment, initiating corrosion of steel reinforcement, relief angles, and anchors.’
    • ‘The surface of the chips was passivated by an ONO layer, which allowed multiple reuses of the chip.’
    • ‘To prevent such explosions, defunct satellites are supposed to ‘passivate’ by discharging batteries, releasing compressed gases, or dumping propellant.’
    • ‘Molecular hydrogen provides benefits for laser damage resistance, acting as a passivating agent for induced transmission change.’
    • ‘The resultant nanoparticles are passivated by TOPO, preventing agglomeration.’
    • ‘The new technology is based on a water dispersion of the organic metal, which passivates the copper and provides catalytic sites for the chemical deposition of pure tin, which is the final surface.’
    1. 1.1Electronics Coat (a semiconductor) with inert material to protect it from contamination.
      • ‘They will passivate the surface of zinc and zinc alloy electrodeposits with a thin film that provides end-user benefits such as color, abrasion resistance and increased corrosion protection.’
      • ‘These transistors replace the traditional doped silicon junctions with passivated metal-silicon interfaces.’
      • ‘The exception is in strongly reducing environments in which titanium is severely corroding and not readily passivated.’
      • ‘Batteries and other onboard energy sources can be similarly passivated, although this is not quite so simple and adds more cost.’
      • ‘Pitting corrosion resistance can be further improved by passivating the surface.’