Definition of passionately in English:



  • 1In a way that shows strong feelings or beliefs.

    ‘he argued passionately against war’
    ‘Ruth was passionately interested in politics’
    • ‘In that same tradition of World War II, the American media has now given us a man we can hate passionately.’
    • ‘Anything you do to show that you care passionately about the quality of your produce will quickly be repaid.’
    • ‘Never has a painting spoken to us more passionately.’
    • ‘Throughout his life, he remained passionately committed to art.’
    • ‘I remember discussing the film passionately with my classmates.’
    • ‘Finally recognizing that everything he sought was based on a hoax, he is now compelled to destroy what he once most passionately sought.’
    • ‘Over the past two decades, he has established a strong reputation as a passionately expressionistic painter of the human figure.’
    • ‘Beginning in 1887, he offered a series of lectures in which he passionately enumerated what he felt were French contributions to the Renaissance.’
    • ‘Architecture on a large scale was what he passionately cared for—splendid buildings in an urban context.’
    • ‘He was a specialist in scenes involving horses, which he loved passionately.’
    1. 1.1 With or involving intense feelings of sexual love.
      ‘he fell passionately in love with her’
      • ‘Of course, by the end of the road, they are passionately in love.’
      • ‘He is a failure, passionately in love with his doppleganger's girlfriend, who is in on the plot.’
      • ‘When they kiss passionately on the lips, there is a glimpse of the 'match burning in the crocus'.’
      • ‘He had passionately loved a woman—the mother of his young daughter.’
      • ‘It's just two people intensely and passionately in love.’
      • ‘The professor becomes passionately committed to a prostitute, with disastrous consequences.’
      • ‘One of the pictures presents the two of them passionately kissing.’
      • ‘In the midst of his heroic acts, he falls passionately in love with Marguerite, France's most celebrated actress.’
      • ‘The dance is based on two characters who meet in Toronto during the 1920s and fall passionately in love.’
      • ‘Having passionately met once during their teenage years, they conduct an 'affair' through an intense series of letters.’