Definition of Passion Sunday in English:

Passion Sunday


  • The fifth Sunday in Lent.

    • ‘On this Passion Sunday, we can choose which Jesus we will follow.’
    • ‘Those who will not hear the narratives on Maundy Thursday or Good Friday will hear it all in one reading on Passion Sunday: the Passover meal, the arrest of Jesus, Peter's denial, and Jesus' trial, crucifixion, and burial.’
    • ‘On Passion Sunday I will try to take my cues instead from the nameless woman.’
    • ‘Many of the congregation had tears in their eyes during the event and it was a most fitting celebration for Palm / Passion Sunday.’
    • ‘It was the last week of Lent and it was time to prepare for Palm or Passion Sunday and then, Maundy Thursday and then Good Friday and finally Easter Sunday.’
    • ‘This hymn is not directly related to either Passion Sunday or Palm Sunday.’
    • ‘One highlight of the liturgical year is the Passion Sunday liturgy, which includes a danced procession with palms and other choreographed moments throughout the service.’
    • ‘The dispute about greatness shows the irony that all of the Passion Sunday texts seek to illustrate: Those who serve are the greatest, not those who seek domination.’
    • ‘Henry succeeded his father on 20 March 1413 and was crowned at Westminster on Passion Sunday, 9 April.’