Definition of passion flower in English:

passion flower


  • An evergreen climbing plant of warm regions, which bears distinctive flowers with parts that supposedly resemble instruments of the Crucifixion.

    • ‘Hops flowers, California poppy, skullcap and catnip can all be used to make relaxing teas, and some herbs used in aromatherapy are especially calming, such as chamomile, rose, lavender, passion flower and lemon balm.’
    • ‘I finally planted the orange-berried pyracantha I bought months ago to start to fill up the bare wall, and the ivies and passion flower (to the right of the first picture) should, over time, do the rest.’
    • ‘Prune greenhouse and conservatory climbers such as plumbago and passion flower.’
    • ‘Coorg is a floral paradise and flowers like the huge dahlia, the anthurium, the orchid, the hibiscus, the lily, the rare pink allamande, the passion flower, the wild dhatura and the rose, bloom with supreme abandon.’
    • ‘Studies have demonstrated passion flower's use as a sedative and mild analgesic. Passion flower's beneficial effects are believed to be due to its flavonoid and harman alkaloid content.’
    • ‘Herbs commonly used for sleep are the same plants known for their effectiveness in promoting relaxation: valerian, hops, passion flower, chamomile and several members of the mint family: peppermint, spearmint and lemon balm.’
    • ‘You can take these herbs alone or, for added relief, combined with 100 to 150 mg each of hops and passion flower.’
    • ‘Named for the fact that the crimson and black flowers are said to resemble Christ's Crown of Thorns, passion flower, or Passiflora incarnata, has mild sedating and pain-reducing properties.’
    • ‘The most important factor when growing a passion flower in the garden is to choose a reliable outdoor variety, such as the blue-flowering Passiflora caerulea, or ‘Constance Elliot’, which has fragrant white blooms.’
    • ‘Plants recommended for a south-facing wall include callistemon, the beautiful crimson bottle-brush and the startling passion flower, passiflora caerulea.’
    • ‘I have a passion flower climbing a south-facing wall and it has flowered extremely well for several years.’
    • ‘She spoke about several herbal remedies used for stress and anxiety (ie, chamomile, American and Asian ginseng, kava, passion flower, St John's Wort, valerian).’
    • ‘In his head, he made a catalog of what the tea would need - blackcurrant, chamomile, heather, hawthorn, lemon balm, motherwort, marjoram, passion flower, and St John's wort.’
    • ‘It's taken a while, but my passion flower has really taken hold on my side wall and is now putting out loads of these fantastic blooms.’
    • ‘I plucked a perfect white-and-purple passion flower from a vine growing up the wall of my house, and dropped it in her palm.’
    • ‘Chamomile, lime flower, valerian, hops or passion flower all have relaxant properties and can be given to calm nerves and relax tense muscles.’
    • ‘If tight muscles disturb sleep, turn to the pain-relieving muscle relaxants: valerian, kava, corydalis and, at times, passion flower.’
    • ‘One randomized controlled study using a commercial product containing both passion flower and valerian showed benefit in the treatment of adjustment disorder with anxiety.’
    • ‘I've also planted up two passion flower cuttings which were a gift from someone at work.’
    • ‘This blend mixes 3 tablespoons each of the calming herbs chamomile, linden, and passion flower.’


passion flower