Definition of passé in English:



  • 1predicative No longer fashionable; out of date.

    ‘minis are passé—the best skirts are knee-length’
    • ‘Most unpolished is the dialogue, which is often so clunky and forced that Rudnick smears the awkward moments with passé humor.’
    • ‘I would also go as far as to say that the ransom note typographic style, so firmly associated with the Sex Pistols and the first wave of UK punk, was also becoming a little passé by the end of 1977.’
    • ‘What you think is in style one season may be viewed as passé the next, especially by the hardcore fashionistas.’
    • ‘I think it was right here in this very paper that some self-appointed style authority decreed that any piece of clothing sporting graffiti-based design was considered passé in the year 2002.’
    • ‘Out in the seats I imagine we're all feeling the same fear - that our jobs are drying up, that they can be done for a fraction of our wages by someone more desperate somewhere else, that our hard-won skills are passé.’
    • ‘It must be recent and up to date so that your target readers may not find it passé and rotten.’
    • ‘No matter how passé some critics may find them, there are plenty of good reasons why laugh tracks are still the rule rather than the exception in American television comedy, some practical, others psychological.’
    • ‘There need be nothing passé or dated about its use, provided its mathematical variability is honored.’
    • ‘Instead Café d' Anvers turned out to be somewhat passé: outdated grungy interior and monotonous techno tunes.’
    • ‘Thus, everyone plays the game, not because they believe it, or are committed to it, but because it is (perceived to be) the only game in town and because, after 1660, revolutionary fervor is distinctly passé.’
    • ‘Painting is dead, sculpture passé, and photography reduced to electrons and software.’
    • ‘Dolls were said to be sexist, and should be passé;’
    • ‘There is something rather repulsive about passé musicians accepting awards for longevity from their peer group in back-slapping ceremonies before audiences of record industry insiders and hangers-on.’
    • ‘There is something visceral and exciting about using the body as a canvas (to me), despite the many negative associations many forms of it have ranging from societal casting to just plain passé.’
    • ‘The next day, that goal had become passé - an amusing anachronism.’
    • ‘Music moves on so quickly these days, that what is new and exciting at breakfast is passé and old hat by teatime!’
    • ‘The fashions may seem passé and the faces a little square.’
    • ‘He's had periods of being very fashionable, and periods of being very passé.’
    • ‘I think it's sort of a bit passé, and so I guess they were an improvement on some of the graphics we had in the past.’
    • ‘Traditional orthodoxy has long been passé at HDS and the intellectual influence on religion by the faculty has been negligible.’
    out of date, outdated, out, dated, unfashionable, out of fashion, old-fashioned, outmoded, out of style, behind the times, outworn, archaic, obsolescent, obsolete, ancient, antiquated, superannuated, defunct, dead, old-fogeyish, old-fangled, quaint, anachronistic, olde worlde, medieval
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    1. 1.1archaic (especially of a woman) past one's prime.
      • ‘At the very least, someone should tell Serena that she's passé; however much she favors her faux-biker style, the preppy look is back.’
      • ‘I think I'm passé,’ says her modest, supportive, generationally-different husband Michael Douglas.’
      • ‘The queens are passé now but they still do the heavy breathing and it's good man against bad man.’


French, literally ‘gone by’, past participle of passer.