Definition of passcode in English:



  • A string of characters used as a password, especially to gain access to a computer or smartphone.

    ‘the built-in Wi-Fi found my home network and connected to it quickly, once I entered my passcode’
    • ‘The user then manually types this passcode into the computer at the appropriate prompt.’
    • ‘Each person who needs to take the course is given a passcode.’
    • ‘The passcode worked a bit too well for us: We had a hard time remembering our pattern on several occasions.’
    • ‘Use the Change Password button to change the passcode, which can be any set of numbers of any length.’
    • ‘For small payments at vending machines, the passcode is not even required.’
    • ‘The user tries three times to enter the correct passcode on the phone.’
    • ‘Then I'm asked for the first and fourth digits of my five-digit passcode.’
    • ‘They were notified via e-mail, given a secret passcode.’
    • ‘Within minutes, the passcode will be e-mailed to the member.’
    • ‘Short of tattooing it on the hand, there are three easy ways for members to find their passcode.’