Definition of passbook in English:



  • 1A book issued by a bank or building society to an account holder, recording sums deposited and withdrawn.

    • ‘And many over 65s are sure to be pleased with the fact the account will operate as a passbook account, meaning that members can carry out their banking in any of Nationwide's 880 branches.’
    • ‘I have also been told that when my passbook runs out my account will be terminated or even before.’
    • ‘The closure has been put down to increased running costs as well as the Department for Work and Pensions moving benefit payments from passbooks to bank accounts.’
    • ‘Deposit your major money in the passbook account and immediately prior to withdrawing money from your plastic ATM card, transfer the amount through your internet/telephone banking system.’
    • ‘The client replied that he'd put the money into a passbook savings account at a lower interest rate, which would lower his taxes even more.’
    • ‘If you find an old passbook for a building society no longer on the high street, you can look up where the money has gone on the Association's website here.’
    • ‘Elsewhere though, old-style passbook accounts from bank and building-society branches are now paying abysmally low returns.’
    • ‘If you prefer to bank in the old fashioned way with a passbook and branch, Kent Reliance or National Counties building societies may appeal to you more.’
    • ‘So, workers were given a passbook for their social security account.’
    • ‘Just like a time deposit versus a passbook savings account, there's a trade off: cost-effectiveness versus accessibility.’
    • ‘It's like a time-deposit bank account versus a passbook savings account.’
    • ‘And this system continued into the 1970s. Many people found, when they were finally given passbooks for their accounts, that there was almost nothing left.’
    • ‘Setting up the system, providing instruction manuals and pint-sized passbooks, teaching banks how to market and manipulate - these were the bailiwick of the young brothers Stout.’
    • ‘She deposited a few hundred dollars into a passbook savings account for me and told me that was it.’
    • ‘An inmate is not allowed to keep a cheque book or savings account passbook in his own possession in his cell.’
    • ‘However, the accused had allegedly made fake entries in the passbooks of the depositors.’
    • ‘The three components were the stock market, working hours in the manufacturing sector and the M1B money supply - including checking account and passbook deposits of companies and individuals, the council said.’
    • ‘It has to be said that a solicitor could simply take custody of a building society passbook to prevent a client from having access to his savings if that was what the client required.’
    • ‘Some of these companies will argue that these are fair rates, given that many of these accounts offer instant or unlimited access with passbooks or cashcards, but that's just pure hogwash!’
    • ‘There she took the passbook into the bank where she would write out a withdrawal slip to the value of $60 to $700.’
  • 2historical (in South Africa under apartheid) a black person's pass.

    • ‘A valid passbook involved a strict correctitude of job description and hours, it had to be current and regularly renewed.’
    • ‘Africans were required to carry a passbook, which gave their racial designation, their place of dwelling, the identity of their employer, and whether they were permitted to be in a white area.’
    • ‘Here is a photograph of a pass book that the average black South African would be required to carry with them during the apartheid period in South Africa.’
    • ‘The notorious passbooks blacks were required to carry, for instance, bore the carrier's photographic portrait.’
    • ‘According to the Pass Law, government officials possessed the power to expel the worker from the area by adverse endorsement in the passbook.’