Definition of passably in English:



  • In a way that is just good enough; reasonably.

    as submodifier ‘he was passably attractive’
    • ‘But what I find most surprising is that I think they've all been passably good.’
    • ‘Any number of terms have already been coined to describe postindustrial labor, and the authors' own elaborations on the phenomenon are passably interesting.’
    • ‘She was passably pretty, with large green eyes and flowing golden curls.’
    • ‘I submitted the piece: I thought it passably written, and the subject is important.’
    • ‘This score may function passably within the context of the film, but outside it is meaningless, barely raising even a frisson of fear.’
    • ‘Neither working class nor gentry, the family was passably well to do, passably well educated, and, I suppose, somewhere in the lower middle of middle class.’
    • ‘If they can't, it's usually fairly easy to teach them to do so passably.’
    • ‘I didn't want to go to the ball at all, but as Mother insisted I did attend, I would at least look passably pretty.’
    • ‘An NSF panel recommended that internet voting begin only slowly, starting with dedicated kiosks which could be made passably secure with currently existing technology.’
    • ‘But it was still interesting, nonetheless - to hear their elementary analysis made to sound slightly profound and passably deep.’
    • ‘In that regard, the Christmas drives do passably well for the month of December and, if the people and organizations marshal their resources well, into January.’
    • ‘While the film won't win an Oscar, as the previous adaptation did way back in 1956, the film passably succeeds as a family/kids movie.’
    • ‘Every rating learned to cook by cooking for his shipmates, and therefore, if he were to keep the friendly esteem of his mess, he would need to learn to make the best of his often unpromising ingredients, to cook passably well.’
    • ‘However even a passably careful reading of the thing reveals that it fails to provide significant evidence that Clark supported the war.’
    • ‘Well having no money, I wear anything that I have a free sample of (as long as it's passably nice).’
    • ‘The beach and the last of the passably cold ocean waters beckon.’
    • ‘She's just a passably pretty girl from Llanelli with a bit of a tip about herself.’
    • ‘She'll use that deformed arm to play the piano passably well and to complete elaborate needlework projects.’
    • ‘The kitchen made a passably good job of smoked haddock eggs Benedict.’
    • ‘Forget the music, passably good, though, it is.’
    quite, rather, somewhat, fairly, reasonably, moderately, comparatively, relatively, after a fashion, to a limited degree, to a limited extent, to a certain degree, to some extent, tolerably
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