Definition of pass the hat round in English:

pass the hat round

(North American pass the hat)


  • Collect contributions of money from a number of people for a specific purpose.

    ‘we're going to pass the hat round later and buy some beer’
    • ‘So the group passed the hat at school, asking the families of the 675 kids for donations, and raised another $14,000.’
    • ‘Some restaurants have plans to ignore the ban altogether and pass the hat around for the fines.’
    • ‘After each performance, they pass the hat, collect what they can, and move on to the next village.’
    • ‘Of course, he left his unsuspecting assistant to pass the hat, and of course the money filled it to the brim.’
    • ‘We'll also use the occasion to pass the hat around for a charity (to be confirmed) which is working on tsunami relief.’
    • ‘Or you can watch the show from any vantage point on the plaza and pay what you can when they pass the hat.’
    • ‘Corporates and individuals pitch in, passing the hat around, so that the target is met.’
    • ‘Celebrities are for the most part airheads, true, but they're really good at passing the hat for lobbying funds.’
    • ‘We'll also be passing the hat for additional donations, so drink up and loosen your purse strings.’
    • ‘And in Richmond, organizers plan to pass the hat at parties and hold other fund-raisers for the US $1,000 or so needed to charter a bus.’