Definition of pass something off in English:

pass something off

phrasal verb

  • 1Evade or lightly dismiss an awkward remark.

    ‘he made a light joke and passed it off’
    • ‘When I meet him, he tries to pass it off with a joke.’
    • ‘Simpson now passes the comment off as ‘a joke’.’
    • ‘He forced a smile, hoping to pass the remark off as a mild joke.’
    • ‘He might have passed her words off as the whims of childishness but she was not alone in her condemnations.’
    • ‘It seemed as if he meant to pass it off as a casual observation.’
  • 2Basketball
    Throw the ball to a teammate who is unmarked.

    ‘he scored eight times and passed off forty-one assists’
    • ‘He did a nice fake then passed the ball off to our power forward under the basket.’
    • ‘Paul quickly picked up on Will's style and was able to quickly pass the ball off to his other teammates before Will could steal it.’
    • ‘Instead of taking the ball to the hoop, for a lay-up, the guy passes the ball off and continues the offense.’
    • ‘He raised his hand in the air, signaling the offensive play, and passed it off to Rob, who had run up to the free-throw line.’
    • ‘That meant he would have to shoot from long range or try to drive and pass the ball off.’