Definition of pass someone/something off as in English:

pass someone/something off as

phrasal verb

  • Falsely represent a person or thing as (something else)

    ‘the drink was packaged in champagne bottles and was being passed off as the real stuff’
    • ‘She took a great delight in telling everybody she spoke to that it was my birthday and even tried to pass me off as five years younger than I actually was.’
    • ‘They are deliberately stealing someone else's words and passing them off as their own.’
    • ‘A trader has been fined £400 after passing off an ‘inferior’ car alarm as an independently approved model.’
    • ‘Trading standards officers will be carrying out checks on licensed premises to make sure they are not cheating customers by passing off cheap cash-and-carry drinks as leading brands.’
    • ‘Each year thousands of shoppers are being conned into buying fake Aberdeen Angus beef passed off as the genuine article by unscrupulous retailers.’
    • ‘More than a third of women admit to heating up supermarket products and passing them off as their own creations.’
    • ‘It says that staff in some poultry slaughterhouses commonly repackage and re-date raw chicken several times, passing it off as fresh meat.’
    • ‘Making assumptions and passing them off as truth is a poor reflection on someone's character.’
    • ‘The disturbing issue is that this advertisement was passed off as a legitimate newsworthy article in the sports section.’
    • ‘She passes off her mood swings as tiredness and shock due to the plane crash, but the truth is that Marc is occupying her every waking thought.’
    misrepresent, falsely represent, give a false identity to
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