Definition of paschal in English:



  • 1Relating to Easter.

    • ‘During the weekdays of Great Lent, the regular Eucharistic Divine Liturgy is not celebrated in Orthodox churches since the Divine Liturgy is always a paschal celebration of communion with the Risen Lord.’
    • ‘Hallmarks of the rite include paschal essence, pneumatic nature, corporate understanding, Eucharistic context, and ritual character.’
    • ‘In Christian language, I hope to keep alive the spark of the paschal mystery (life-through-dying) with a mix of festivity, glory and gratitude.’
    • ‘As much as a pound of coagulated blood was noted to have been shed by individual flagellants during these paschal ceremonies.’
    • ‘And the paschal flame will shine again across the region this weekend.’
    • ‘This Sunday must follow the full paschal moon.’
    • ‘The paschal essence is especially evident in the prayer of thanksgiving over the water (largely the emended text of Luther's Flood Prayer).’
    • ‘Marriage, like all sacraments, is paschal to the core and consequently it is as much about dying as it is about new life.’
    • ‘This three day retreat from the world is a sharing in the paschal mystery of Christ.’
    • ‘Everyone involved in organising the liturgy from the paschal fire to the music, readings, must be congratulated.’
    • ‘Reflection on its meaning can more easily occur without reference to the demands of the baptismal life or the existential revolution to which the paschal mystery points.’
    • ‘In the paschal event and the Eucharist that makes it present throughout the centuries, there is a truly enormous ‘capacity’ that embraces all of history.’
    • ‘Like his body crucified and broken, the divided churches in the West are undergoing a paschal suffering.’
    • ‘In other words, Mary Magdalene is the first to celebrate what Christians now call the paschal mystery.’
    • ‘The symbolism of the paschal mystery that shapes the 1979 Prayer Book corresponds to a non-Constantinian missiology.’
    • ‘By altering slightly the chronology of events common to the synoptic gospels, John introduces paschal imagery to the passion narrative and presents Jesus as the ultimate Passover lamb.’
    • ‘For Mary of the Passion, all led back to the Unity-Trinity of God truth-love, who communicates himself to us through the paschal mystery of Christ.’
    • ‘The day of vindication and the year of favor meet in the paschal mystery, in Christ died and risen.’
    • ‘Christ, who models the paschal mystery, was the loser who became the great winner.’
    • ‘For the New Year a sucking pig roasted was a delicacy worth waiting for and for Easter the paschal baby lamb or goat roasted whole on a spit is universally loved.’
  • 2Relating to the Jewish Passover.

    • ‘The word paschal actually comes from the Hebrew word for Passover.’
    • ‘According to the Bible, ever since the Israelites made their escape from Egypt in the middle of the night, following their first paschal meal, Passover has been marked by a nighttime ceremony.’
    • ‘For the French, a roast leg of lamb, the gigot pascal (pascal and the English paschal refer equally to the Jewish Passover and Christian Easter), is the traditional Easter Sunday lunch.’
    • ‘Jesus's death on the cross was Pilate's way of telling Jerusalem's Jews, who had gathered in the holy city for the paschal holiday, to desist from any thought of rebellion.’


Late Middle English: from Old French, from ecclesiastical Latin paschalis, from pascha feast of Passover, via Greek and Aramaic from Hebrew Pesaḥ Passover.