Definition of party vote in English:

party vote


  • (in the voting system in use in New Zealand) one of two votes cast by each voter in a parliamentary election.

    ‘they suggested voters should split their votes, giving their party vote to the Greens’
    • ‘They needed to get over 5 % in the party vote, in order to be represented in Parliament.’
    • ‘Give me your party vote - we can work with either party that is in power.’
    • ‘Traditionally, the Whangarei electorate has been a National seat - and yet the majority of its voters have given their party vote to Labour.’
    • ‘She has admitted to uncertainty over the party vote in what could be a "strange" campaign.’
    • ‘For him to return on the list, NZ First will have to secure at least 10 per cent of the party vote.’
    • ‘They finished on 22 per cent, with Labour winning the party vote on 32 per cent.’
    • ‘She was unable to predict how the party vote would go in Rotorua.’
    • ‘Their share of the party vote was a healthy 14 per cent.’
    • ‘An average of the last four polls still has NZ first above the cut-off, at 6.4 per cent of the party vote.’
    • ‘The Green Party was the only other party in Auckland City to cross the important 5 per cent party vote threshold, recording 5.3 per cent.’