Definition of party popper in English:

party popper


  • A device used as an amusement at parties, which explodes when a string is pulled, ejecting thin paper streamers.

    • ‘I saw only one plastic party popper stranded on the sand after last night, but then, most of the fireworks were in people's backyards.’
    • ‘One other proposed solution around the county would be to allow free entry into clubs but selling an obligatory goodie bag, full of silly string and party poppers, at the price they would have otherwise charged for admission.’
    • ‘While you gals were sipping your champers, letting off party poppers and wishing you hadn't let the kids stay up till midnight January 1st 2005 meant something entirely different to me.’
    • ‘It was a picture of a pint of black liquid shaped to resemble a party popper and a message saying simply St Patrick's Day March 16th underneath.’
    • ‘The entire area was littered with people carrying blankets and party poppers.’
    • ‘My aunty and mama had sorted out some party poppers and stringers, to celebrate Sydney's winning.’
    • ‘Each year I wait until no-one is expecting it before letting off a party popper at the dinner table.’
    • ‘He is then requesting faulty party poppers that may explode at any moment.’
    • ‘Officers placed orders for alcohol, food and party poppers from three supermarkets and payment was made online.’
    • ‘At last midnight came and party poppers banged everywhere.’
    • ‘She laughed evilly and showed a party popper that had been hidden in her hand.’
    • ‘He had noticed a reduction in the number of fireworks being let off in the street this year and believed this is due to new laws which ban under 18s from possessing fireworks, apart from party poppers and sparklers.’
    • ‘So far since the bells chimed midnight and the party poppers popped, my creative muse has been sleeping on the job.’
    • ‘‘She's only four and she thought it was a party popper, so she had it all day playing with it,’ explained Ann.’
    • ‘The audience cried, cheered, applauded, and streamers, bunting and party poppers filled the air.’
    • ‘I should've been breaking out the party poppers, screaming for joy, anything but the stunned silence that seemed to have unexpectedly gripped me.’
    • ‘We just thought we'd go out with a bang with party poppers and mince pies.’
    • ‘It's a problem faced by vast numbers of Britons: the New Year blues descend before the streamers from the party poppers have been extracted from the light fittings.’
    • ‘Scanning his expansive office, there is no sign of a calendar with January 13 ringed, nor of any balloons and party poppers.’
    • ‘It was not like on TV - I saw a flash but the sound was more like a party popper than what you'd expect.’