Definition of party plan in English:

party plan


mass noun
  • A sales strategy involving the demonstration of goods at parties in people's homes.

    • ‘A spokesman for the company said: ‘When we look to open new stores we seek high profile areas or shopping centres and high streets where the party plan networks are very successful."’
    • ‘The new company may go for a niche market - a specific market segment not catered for by other competitors, e.g. exclusive fashion sold on a party plan basis, not in boutiques.’
    • ‘The party-plan consultants usually have other jobs and take on the position with Virgin cosmetics as a supplementary earner.’
    • ‘The retailer of natural beauty products said in June that, while its party plan concept was growing strongly, worldwide sales were flat.’
    • ‘Despite these shortcomings, Clarke succeeds in persuading the reader that Wise and the party plan played a significant role in Tupperware's success.’