Definition of party list in English:

party list


  • An electoral system of proportional representation in which people vote for a party rather than a candidate and seats are filled from lists of candidates according to each party's share of the vote.

    • ‘The two to three point drop in support implied by these figures could mean not only the loss of the party's by-election gain in Ayr, but also no less than six of the 18 party list seats it won four years ago.’
    • ‘The election is supposed to be held under a party list system, where voters pick not candidates but political parties.’
    • ‘It has a man who has been elected through the party list and who has been rejected by the electorate twice, in two elections.’
    • ‘Third, they could adopt a party list proportional representation system, effective at this election.’
    • ‘South Africa's system is currently based on proportional representation, based on a party list system.’
    • ‘But you have to guess in advance whether your first preference party might benefit from having your party list vote or not!’
    • ‘The City of Johannesburg has 217 councillors, made up of 109 ward councillors who are directly elected, and 108 councillors who are elected in terms of a party list system’
    • ‘Worse still, the party list system encourages internal politics rather than any attempt to get out and engage with the voters.’
    • ‘This acts as a genuine barrier to the adoption of anything like a party list system.’