Definition of partnership in English:



  • 1[mass noun] The state of being a partner or partners.

    ‘we should go on working together in partnership’
    • ‘The competition zone is being developed in partnership with the competition review and will include the facility for online entry to events and access to results and leagues.’
    • ‘I think the member is referring to a small-scale trial that my department proposes to conduct in partnership with the Fish and Game Council.’
    • ‘Over the next few issues, we'll be working in partnership with adult literacy groups in different parts of the province to help them tell their own stories in their own ways.’
    • ‘The conference agenda has been put together by young people and will be delivered in partnership with them.’
    • ‘Their ‘Locals Online’ bid was put together in partnership with the National Federation of Licensed Victuallers.’
    • ‘We understand that the good life is something we make together in households and communities, in partnership with other people and in harmony with Nature.’
    • ‘Every project is completed in partnership with local leadership and is designed to be self-sustaining in the short-term.’
    • ‘And dance festivals, music workshops and a poetry and art competition, run in partnership with the Evening Press, have been held alongside the rehearsals.’
    • ‘The year-long initiative, delivered by the centre in partnership with the BBC, will strengthen and develop the existing skills of the nine experienced programme makers.’
    • ‘The event is one of a series organised by the parochial church council thanks to sponsorship from the Local Heritage Initiative in partnership with the Nationwide Building Society and the Countryside Agency.’
    • ‘It was clear they were having a problem so we offered, in partnership with other bodies, to sort them out together.’
    • ‘He will work with the National Potato Committee, in partnership with various industry key players and outside agencies.’
    • ‘The work will be conducted in partnership with North Hampshire Primary Care Trust, whose staff will publish their own financial plan in the next few days.’
    • ‘That is why the Yorkshire Post has launched the Hidden Disability appeal, in partnership with the National Autistic Society which runs the school.’
    • ‘Under an annual recycling initiative, in partnership with the Great Western Community Forest, staff are encouraged to collect their Christmas cards for recycling.’
    • ‘As the payment industry leader in India and the world, Visa has taken the initiative, in partnership with its member banks, to grow card-acceptance, he says.’
    • ‘The plan has been jointly developed by the National Park Authority in partnership with South Lakeland District Council over the past two years - in conjunction with focus and user groups.’
    • ‘The council also has to show how it is tackling the problem, in partnership with local people.’
    • ‘The Home Care Service is, in effect, an extension of the family as the carers work together and in partnership with the family.’
    • ‘This can only be effectively done in partnership with credible nongovernmental groups.’
  • 2An association of two or more people as partners.

    ‘an increase in partnerships with housing associations’
    • ‘A collaborative partnership between parents and educators can make a difference.’
    • ‘We have worked hard this year to recognise and reward charities that have forged creative and collaborative working partnerships that have an exponential effect on the success of their campaign.’
    • ‘The review will be conducted by the Canadian Police Research Centre, a partnership of the chiefs association, the RCMP and the National Research Council.’
    • ‘The homes were built through a partnership between Basildon Community Housing Association, part of the Swan Housing Group, Basildon Council, Essex County Council and Barratts.’
    • ‘But against all odds, it has been reborn thanks to an ambitious partnership involving a Manchester housing association and the city council.’
    • ‘Collaborations, partnerships and affiliations are on the cards as you connect with friends, family and associates with an open and receptive attitude.’
    • ‘Research projects and publications of the Academy highlight economic partnerships, international and political relations and trends in the Third World.’
    • ‘The project aims to make further improvements to the local economy, environment and housing by creating partnerships between Bolton Council, residents and the private sector.’
    • ‘Government appreciates the partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross in upholding human rights in the country.’
    • ‘The report found that the success relied on a working partnership between high quality people in CSIRO and the companies.’
    • ‘Public-private partnerships and social housing units are just two options currently being explored.’
    • ‘Your government advocates public-private partnerships involving universities.’
    • ‘Therefore, widespread adoption of technology will depend in large part on federally organized public-private partnerships.’
    • ‘NTI and the housing corporation formed a partnership this year to lobby the federal government for increased funding for social housing in Nunavut.’
    • ‘The consortium is a partnership of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing and the Los Angeles-based City of Hope National Medical Center.’
    • ‘He served as president of the Association of Private Camps, and he initiated the partnership between the Association of Independent Camps and ACA.’
    • ‘The City of Johannesburg's department of social services has a partnership with the alliance in Region 8-the inner city.’
    • ‘The BRIT school is a partnership between the government's Department for Education and Skills and the BRIT Trust charity.’
    • ‘Institutions register their details and set up partnerships with schools and colleges from 95 countries.’
    • ‘If offered the chance Mrs Scragg is hoping to ask about funding for educational partnerships between colleges and schools in the Swindon area and about Pathfinder Status for the college.’
    cooperation, association, collaboration, coalition, alliance, union, compact, league, confederation, co-partnership, affiliation, relationship, fellowship, connection
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    1. 2.1A business or firm owned and run by two or more partners.
      ‘the partnership now owns 22 department stores’
      • ‘Non-individuals are entities, other than individuals, such as corporations, estates, partnerships and trusts.’
      • ‘If the business is a sole proprietorship or a partnership, the money could be considered a loan that you will pay back by an agreed-to time and at an agreed-to interest rate.’
      • ‘The company had partnerships with other technology firms including IBM and Cape Clear Software.’
      • ‘Mobile application platform firm Xiam has signed a strategic partnership with mobile marketing company Rtn2Sndr.’
      • ‘Today, the line has been blurred, with deals coming in under the euphemisms of product integration, sponsorship and marketing partnerships.’
      • ‘As a private partnership, the firm is not required to disclose its financial performance.’
      • ‘The company also formed a partnership with services firm AMTSybex.’
      • ‘Robinson handles the company's purchasing and public relations and manages business partnerships.’
      • ‘Many small businesses start their businesses as sole proprietorships or partnerships.’
      • ‘At the same time, consulting firms have historically been private partnerships.’
      • ‘All business debts will be discharged, as will all personal debts if the business is a sole proprietorship or a partnership.’
      • ‘To disguise its true balance sheets, the firm used complex financial partnerships to conceal mounting debts.’
      • ‘The legal issues involved will vary depending on whether or not you decide to operate as a partnership or a limited liability company.’
      • ‘Additional information provided to BE includes a firm s total number of funds as well as its portfolio of companies or private equity partnerships.’
      • ‘Business really is based on one of three basic organizational formats: the sole proprietorship, the partnership, and the corporation.’
      • ‘More than two-thirds of all small businesses are either sole proprietorships, partnerships, or S corporations.’
      • ‘This sort of internecine nastiness is all too common in law firms, investment partnerships, and other businesses that depend on their owners' harmony.’
      • ‘Finally, a fundamental flaw in the business models of large service partnerships like lawyers and accountants is the very mobility of human capital.’
      • ‘If a farmer has farm income from a sole trader and also from a farming partnership, the income averaging rules apply to both businesses.’
      • ‘One of the fastest growing segments of American business, franchising is an ideal partnership for an independent entrepreneur.’
      company, firm, business, corporation, organization, association, consortium, establishment, house, cooperative, concern, operation, undertaking, conglomerate, combine, syndicate
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    2. 2.2A position as one of the partners in a business or firm.
      ‘she will be eligible for a partnership after a few years’
      • ‘Team member Jane is assisting members of the partnership in setting up the post and gaining support from the local business community.’
      • ‘At the moment, we are targeting 2,500 new jobs through industry partnerships.’
      • ‘The women had been progressing nicely in their careers toward law partnerships or senior executive positions.’
      • ‘Pills keep him functioning and a professional partnership with boyish protégé Frank allows him to earn a tidy living.’
      • ‘It was to be an equal partnership, as their job title - joint managers - made clear.’
      • ‘The professional side of the partnership meant she got to play leads in the kind of action movies Harlin is known for - which is rare for a woman.’
    3. 2.3Cricket The number of runs added by a pair of batsmen before one of them is dismissed or the innings ends.
      ‘their 176-run third-wicket partnership’
      • ‘So I may not score centuries, but I am contributing to partnerships that are over a hundred.’
      • ‘Tasmania built partnerships for every wicket, the best being an unbeaten 121 runs for the fourth wicket that took them to victory.’
      • ‘We then need to put more importance on putting together partnerships and building an innings.’
      • ‘The pair extended their partnership to 118 from 173 balls before Jayawardene top edged a catch into the covers.’
      • ‘Independently of their partnership, it's true that their batting has been outstanding.’
      • ‘He continually chipped away at the Somerset batting and each time a partnership threatened to develop he struck.’
      • ‘He will then pace his innings accordingly, working on partnerships with other batsmen and so on.’
      • ‘Usually a batsman who plays his shots, he kept them firmly in the locker as he shared two significant partnerships that rebuilt the innings.’
      • ‘With Yorkshire's depleted attack running out of steam this pair took the partnership to 91 and the game seemed to be heading for a draw in mid-afternoon.’
      • ‘Indeed, another hour of the partnership and the match might have been saved.’
      • ‘Rather surprisingly, there have been 29 completed innings in Test cricket which included a partnership of 100 or more.’
      • ‘Has anyone ever shared hundred partnerships for all ten wickets in Tests?’
      • ‘We knew that we needed one wicket to break the partnership.’
      • ‘He attacked more and rung the bowling changes whenever a partnership threatened and his bowlers didn't let him down.’
      • ‘But as frequently happens with long partnerships, both batsmen departed the scene in quick succession.’
      • ‘Six times in the 1947 season the pair compiled partnerships of 200 plus, twice in Tests against South Africa.’
      • ‘He shared an impressive partnership of 239 for the third wicket as Glamorgan steered themselves into a very solid position.’
      • ‘In England's first innings at The Oval ten different batsmen shared in a fifty partnership - has this happened before?’
      • ‘Their third-wicket partnership was worth 40, but in terms of the match it was gold.’
      • ‘It was a crucial partnership, a critical phase of the match.’