Definition of partitive in English:



  • Denoting a grammatical construction used to indicate that only a part of a whole is referred to, for example a slice of bacon, a series of accidents, some of the children.

    • ‘As a result, you need which in what is called the partitive construction, which makes the set to be picked from explicit: you say Which of these jackets is yours?’
    • ‘Finnish partitive constructions exhibit a case alternation that is partly semantically, partly syntactically driven.’


  • 1A partitive construction.

    • ‘The interest in the partitive and the material we find in Herrick's poems on women's clothing and appurtenances finds a pictorial complement in the oeuvre of Hollar.’
    • ‘Each readily lends itself to use in a partitive: each of the children, where the children limits the reference mass to an identifiable set of children.’
    1. 1.1 A noun or pronoun used as the first term in a partitive construction.