Definition of partitionist in English:



  • See partition

    • ‘If you were to take the partitionist view, as British media do with other things concerning Irish affairs, the case for coverage is even stronger.’
    • ‘Like much of the recent obsessive comment on the growth of my party, this piece falls under critical scrutiny and betrays the limited, partitionist analysis of the author.’
    • ‘For a number of MLAs the limited experience of working a committee system with Sinn Fein seemed to demonstrate the fundamentally partitionist nature of the settlement.’
    • ‘Ireland is too small a country for business or the government to adopt a partitionist approach.’
    • ‘But if republican violence, or the threat of it, continued to perform important functions for Adams' strategy, it was difficult to see it as more than a means of increasing the ‘green’ façade of what was clearly a partitionist settlement.’