Definition of partition coefficient in English:

partition coefficient


  • The ratio of the concentrations of a solute in two immiscible or slightly miscible liquids, or in two solids, when it is in equilibrium across the interface between them.

    • ‘The LUV showed no concentration dependence for the partition coefficient, but cell monolayers could change, theoretically.’
    • ‘The probe was attached to the region of peptide that is most distal to the membrane when the peptide binds, assuming that it would not affect the value of the partition coefficient, K, significantly.’
    • ‘Such estimates may not compare well with field observations of retardation if the reaction does not reach equilibrium or if the equilibrium partition coefficient varies with concentration.’
    • ‘Thus the lifetime of the peptide-vesicle complex is directly proportional to the molar partition coefficient, which increases with the mole fraction of PS in the vesicle.’
    • ‘The equilibrium partition coefficient is inferred from the average reduction of channel conductance in the presence of PEG; rates of polymer exchange between the pore and the bulk are estimated from PEG-induced conductance noise.’