Definition of parting of the ways in English:

parting of the ways


  • A point at which two people must separate or at which a decision must be taken.

    ‘the best course is to seek an amicable parting of the ways’
    • ‘I don't go out and hire hit men or start saying things like ‘bada bing,’ but we do come to a parting of the ways.’
    • ‘That parting of the ways will mean the end of Caledonian Capital, the joint venture between the Bank of Scotland and the Royal, which was intended to fund major acquisitions and mergers using the combined firepower of the two banks.’
    • ‘Although the insurance company refused to total the vehicle, a cascade of collision related problems over the next eighteen months led to our parting of the ways.’
    • ‘The Japanese occupation and the period directly after the Proklamasi were followed by an extremely painful, violent parting of the ways between our countries and communities.’
    • ‘Five years ago when it became apparent academia and I would come to a parting of the ways, I began to work on building a consulting clientele.’
    • ‘That is hardly surprising because such an acrimonious parting of the ways with the management team almost inevitably means that some tough times clearly lie ahead.’
    • ‘A commercial parting of the ways between Scotland's professional and community clubs - which to all extents and purposes has already happened in footballing terms - is now inevitable.’
    • ‘The Section 28 debacle, which first marked the parting of the ways between Holyrood and Scotland, was an initiative of Wendy Alexander, who was also effectively the author of the Scotland Act.’
    • ‘I think there'll be a natural parting of the ways [with Britain], and I don't see that as a rejection of the monarchy or anything like that.’
    • ‘‘You can portray it as a parting of the ways in some senses,’ conceded one senior New Labour figure who was in at the start of the modernisers' takeover of the party.’
    separation, break-up, splitting up, split, split-up, breaking up, divorce, rift, breach, parting of the ways, estrangement, rupture
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