Definition of particulate in English:



  • Relating to or in the form of minute separate particles.

    ‘particulate pollution’
    • ‘The majority of bivalves feed by removing particulate organic matter from water that is circulated through the gills by cilliary activity.’
    • ‘With less particulate matter, carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide emissions are also less.’
    • ‘Despite these differences, it appears that asthma disease is exacerbated by particulate pollution in Anchorage, as it is in other cities in which it has been studied.’
    • ‘Bio-diesel fuelled engines, like their regular fuel counterparts, still emit carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and particulate matter.’
    • ‘The results of two recent studies have demonstrated an association between postneonatal mortality and particulate air pollution.’
    • ‘Healthy human volunteers experienced artery vasoconstriction when they breathed fine particulate air pollution and ozone.’
    • ‘This particulate pollution has been implicated in rising rates of asthma, now the most common chronic childhood disease in the United States.’
    • ‘We cannot attribute the observed adverse effects to any single pollutant, although particulate pollution may be a strong candidate.’
    • ‘But there's another major contributor to small particulate pollution that most of us don't know about: those increased levels of wood smoke in winter.’
    • ‘A pond has far more organic particulate matter (small separate particles) than a chemically maintained swimming pool.’
    • ‘This ratio is driven by the settling rate and the nature of organic matter and particulate iron, as well as the supply of oxygen, nitrate, and sulfate to the sediment.’
    • ‘Perhaps these findings suggest a causative link between the rising levels of particulate air pollution from motor vehicles and the increase in the prevalence of atopy.’
    • ‘Other precautions include staying inside on high particulate pollution days and making sure your child is not exposed to too much diesel pollution on school buses.’
    • ‘Moreover, the use of fossil fuels puts our own health at risk through the chemical and particulate pollution it creates.’
    • ‘Zinc oxide is a common, biologically active constituent of particulate air pollution as well as a workplace toxin.’
    • ‘The sulfur dioxide and other particulate emissions coupled with gasoline are not found in ethanol, making the alcohol fuel a much cleaner burning alternative.’
    • ‘We also identified sites with higher levels of particulate pollution than did previous studies, the purpose of which was to maximize the effect of the exposure.’
    • ‘According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, particulate air pollution kills more than 5,000 people a year in that state.’
    • ‘During the early 1980s the primary sources of Arctic particulate pollution are believed to have been from Russia and Europe.’
    • ‘City traffic is a significant source of pollutants such as sulphur dioxide, particulate matter, benzene, and carbon monoxide.’


  • Matter in the form of minute separate particles.

    ‘sooty particulates from diesel exhausts’
    • ‘The results were consistent with the soluble metal concentrations of the particulates, rather than the total metal concentrations, with non-water soluble or biologically available forms of metal having no effect.’
    • ‘A major stumbling block in the development of these technologies to complement diesel engines has been the high levels of sulphur and of sooty particulates which rapidly foul emission reduction systems.’
    • ‘Generally speaking, LPG has an advantage in terms of Nitrogen oxides and particulates.’
    • ‘Biodiesel reduces emissions of unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, sulfates, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, nitrated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and particulates.’
    • ‘The major pollutant in the area is particulates - tiny particles of dust or soot which get lodged in people's lungs and can damage health.’
    • ‘When the solar power fades, a diesel generator would kick in, but a more efficient engine would be installed that produced one-third of the carbon particulates that direct-drive diesel engines emitted.’
    • ‘The level of particulates - solid dust and fume - had risen by 10 per cent at Piccadilly and a test site in Bolton, while ozone was up 50 per cent in Manchester, Salford, Bolton and Bury.’
    • ‘Outdoor burning releases high concentrations of carcinogens, particulates, carbon monoxide and many other toxins.’
    • ‘If it's an outdoor pool, the wind brings all sorts of particulates (solid things, like dust and leaves) that land in the water and stay there.’
    • ‘Carbon monoxide and various hydrocarbons and particulates are also in the fumes’
    • ‘We found no correlations between the levels of particulates, carbon dioxide, and other chemicals, and occupant complaints.’
    • ‘Aluminum is derived in a process that produces air pollutants (e.g., particulates and gaseous fluorides, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter).’
    • ‘The disadvantage is higher levels of NOX [nitrous oxides] and particulates.’
    • ‘It will shower the people of Whangarei with sulphur dioxide, dioxins, and fine particulates that cause cancer, and it will dump mercury and other heavy toxic metals into the harbour.’
    • ‘The rail companies will use the grant to retrofit 10 switcher locomotives in the valley to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and diesel particulates.’
    • ‘The particulates, or soot, in diesel exhaust cause a host of health problems, from asthma to lung disease to premature death, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.’
    • ‘Exposure to carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and particulates, ie both gases and particles, were all well within the current exposure recommendations - even in busy pubs at peak occupancy.’
    • ‘By that date, diesel-engine manufacturers were to restrict emissions of nitrous oxides and particulates to tough new limits.’
    • ‘‘Besides particulates, wood smoke contains nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and many organic compounds such as aldehydes,’ says Rosenberg.’
    • ‘Ship engines release significant amounts of nitrogen oxides, diesel particulates and sulfur into the atmosphere.’
    • ‘The M.E.N. research, published on Friday, shows the quantity of particulates - solid dust and fume which can be inhaled into the lungs - has risen by 10 per cent at Manchester's Piccadilly and a site in Bolton since 1998.’
    • ‘The number of ozone-alert days is used as an indicator of air quality, as are the amounts of pollutants, including particulates, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, lead, and volatile organic chemicals.’
    • ‘Air movement and thermal currents transport dust and microbial particulates; particles that become airborne then can settle on open wounds.’
    • ‘Climate change is caused by industries fouling the air with particulates, methane, carbon dioxide, and other gases.’
    • ‘Erosion consequent on agriculture, deforestation, construction, or mining operations can deposit particulates like soil into water bodies.’
    • ‘As a smoker, I fully agree that non-smokers are entitled to a smoke-free environment, but in the bus stations diesel buses are entering and leaving, emitting particulates and exhaust gases which are all-pervading.’
    • ‘Putting a lacquer on the outside of a piece of timber and having zinc oxide nano particulates embedded in that lacquer makes that lacquer protective against ultra violet radiation.’
    • ‘‘Nitrogen dioxide and particulates do exceed the criteria at some urban roadsides,’ said a spokeswoman.’
    • ‘Most of the particulates came from wallboard, ceiling tiles, window glass, concrete, and the fireproofing material covering the steel beams.’
    • ‘Now traffic produces nitrogen dioxide and particulates and helps to produce ground-level oxone.’
    • ‘For example, high levels of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and particulates (microscopic air panicles) are linked to increased cases of congestive heart failure and heart disease deaths.’
    • ‘These derivatives were noteworthy as potent mutagens for Salmonella strains, and were present in fine particles of diesel particulates.’
    • ‘Indeed, it reduces harmful emissions by 75 per cent with less carbon dioxide than petrol and fewer particulates and nitrogen oxides than diesel.’
    • ‘An ioniser works by circulating air and trapping airborne particulates such as diesel exhaust fumes, tobacco smoke and dust on an electrostatically charged ring.’
    • ‘The actual amounts of particulates emitted are low, so he and his colleagues also emphasize that risk is small.’
    • ‘These devices collect chemicals and particulates from the air close to the body to determine what is in the air the person is inhaling.’
    • ‘According to EPA's ‘Green Vehicle Guide,’ diesel engines emit 16 times more particulates than gasoline engines, although standards set for 2007 should lessen the problem.’
    • ‘Admittedly, while petrol engines emit more carbon dioxide, diesels emit more particulates, which cause pollution at local level.’
    • ‘The resulting harmful gases include carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, particulates and excess water vapor.’
    • ‘But they could not take the carbon monoxide and diesel particulates and wilted.’


Late 19th century: from Latin particula ‘particle’ + -ate.