Definition of particularistic in English:



  • See particularism

    • ‘Resistance has been ubiquitous in slave systems, but it has usually been particularistic - freedom for a given person or group - and often frustrated.’
    • ‘In the longer term, however, the sovereign state, in alliance with liberal ideals, moved beyond particularistic notions of justice to universal ones.’
    • ‘While it is tempting to call for a pro-modernity balance, this would only be falling into the one-sided, particularistic trap.’
    • ‘If this is Western society's hierarchical pecking order, it's no wonder that particularistic groups seek to court and sustain victimhood at every opportunity.’
    • ‘There is nothing wrong with a humanitarian intent, but one must always be sceptical of particularistic motives hiding behind the assertion of a universalist ethic.’