Definition of particularist in English:


noun & adjective

  • See particularism

    • ‘Rifts are common and frequent, and continually being patched over or exploited by different would-be leaders seeking a panethnic or more particularist base.’
    • ‘According to Barber, intelligent citizens who refuse to become either narrow particularists or dumbed-down consumers will eventually organise to restrain the power of both forces.’
    • ‘One reason this sometimes occurs is that its formal processes are functionally defective in permitting the particularist interests of unjust associations to block effective decision-making for intervention and rescue.’
    • ‘Liberalism had come to seem not a universalist creed, something for all Americans to embrace, but a particularist creed.’
    • ‘With the Soviets gone, the world left pins its hopes on the American Empire to stir moral rhetoric and provide financial help and weapons of mass destruction to be used against the remaining ‘fascists,’ nationalists, and particularists.’