Definition of particle board in English:

particle board


  • another term for chipboard
    • ‘A majority of the stolen timber goes to particle board factories where it is promptly ground up; the mere mention of particle board makes Alvarez frown.’
    • ‘However, the downside is that the laminate may separate from the wood because the particle board responds to temperature and pressure changes by swelling and shrinking.’
    • ‘As their neighbors the Swedes did with particle board, the Norway-based Jaga Jazzist manages to turn a rather utilitarian product into something that appears - at least at first glance - rather expensive.’
    • ‘I think particle board is often bad, and I think the biggest misnomer in this industry is, you think you're buying something like solid cherry wood, only to find out when you bring it home that it was actually a combination of materials.’
    • ‘In office buildings, the major sources of formaldehyde are likely to be particle board, fiberboard and plywood in furniture and paneling; glues; and upholstery and drapery fabrics.’
    • ‘‘The particle board became like wet shredded wheat in a matter of days,’ says Sealy.’
    • ‘Popsicle sticks are still in vogue, as are styrofoam, garden hose tubing, particle board, wire and glitter glue.’
    • ‘When we bought the house, we thought the siding was made of wood, but a home inspector has just told us that it's actually a wood byproduct like masonite or particle board.’
    • ‘Lin and his students have found in tests that the system can penetrate 1-inch particle board, but concrete could be more of an impediment, he said.’
    • ‘He invented a mix of natural and synthetic fibers that was able to produce harder but flexible particle board, that now is being utilized as the inner filling of the door panel.’
    • ‘Both entrance wall and the one that faces it are clad in a form of black, slightly textured wood particle board; the floor is of dark timber, and counters are made of solid native Brazilian hardwood.’
    • ‘Your laminated particle board table is going to be perfectly functional, attractive even, but when you rap your knuckles against it, it's going to lack the satisfying thunk of solid wood.’
    • ‘We tried putting the wet saw on it, but all the spray wasn't agreeing with the particle board.’
    • ‘He employs fasteners that saws can cut through without breaking the blade, screws capable of unscrewing, and easily-removable modules of particle board.’
    • ‘Plywood particle board or wafer-board roof sheathing is most commonly used, being low in cost and easy to apply.’
    • ‘Also on hand were a pair of sculptures, cut from sheets of particle board, that literalize Scheibitz's constructive process of form-building.’
    • ‘They can be used on a variety of material including fiberglass, wood, plastic, epoxy, rubber, laminates, particle board, soft metal and ceramic tile.’
    • ‘This afternoon, I dug around in my shed and found what I thought would be the perfect piece of particle board to concoct a ramp for her to walk up to get into the house from the backyard.’
    • ‘Kitchen cabinetry, typically constructed of unsustainably harvested wood and toxin-emitting particle board and finishes, can be the most environmentally offensive part of any kitchen.’
    • ‘Whatever you do, don't ever use particle board, flake board, or masonite as underlayment for ceramic tile and be sure that your surface is dry and clean.’