Definition of partial pressure in English:

partial pressure


  • The pressure that would be exerted by one of the gases in a mixture if it occupied the same volume on its own.

    • ‘The slow breathing increasing the partial pressures of carbon dioxide in your blood.’
    • ‘The reason the carbon dioxide rushes out is because the concentration of dissolved carbon dioxide in the coke and the partial pressure of carbon dioxide above the coke are not in equilibrium.’
    • ‘Gas density increases with atmospheric pressure; the partial pressure of the various gases in the atmosphere rises proportionately and their various toxic effects become manifest.’
    • ‘As the total pressure decreases, the partial pressure of oxygen also decreases - making it more difficult to ignite the propane.’
    • ‘When the drinks are opened to the air the partial pressure of the carbon dioxide is decreased above the drink, the solubility of carbon dioxide decreases and carbon dioxide bubbles are produced in the drink.’