Definition of partial eclipse in English:

partial eclipse


  • An eclipse of a celestial body in which only part of the luminary is obscured or darkened.

    • ‘To look directly at the Sun during the partial eclipse, on go your eclipse-viewing filters.’
    • ‘South Africa will experience its next partial eclipse next year, while a total eclipse is not expected until 2030.’
    • ‘A partial eclipse affects a wider area, but the Sun is so bright that no obvious darkening occurs until it is almost completely obscured, so a partial eclipse can easily pass unnoticed.’
    • ‘In a partial eclipse the alignment of Earth, Moon, and Sun is not exact, so only part of the disk of the Sun (in a solar eclipse) or Moon (in a lunar eclipse) is obscured.’
    • ‘Its website warns that during the last partial eclipse of the sun, more than 200 Britons suffered permanent eye damage.’
    • ‘The previous year, on June 26, a partial eclipse had been visible from North America, with half of the Sun being covered; maybe Tecumseh had noticed that and realized the possibilities.’
    • ‘‘The pope was born on May 18, 1920, when there was a partial eclipse of the sun visible in the southern hemisphere,’ he tells us.’
    • ‘If the weather is clear on the night of July 5, people in Pattaya should be able to view the year's second lunar eclipse, although this one will only be a partial eclipse.’
    • ‘The most impressive part starts when the Moon's leading edge first enters the main shadow, or umbra, and the partial eclipse begins.’
    • ‘In the southern African skies this month, look out for a partial eclipse of the Sun on April 19.’
    • ‘A partial eclipse of the Moon takes place on the morning of the 17th.’
    • ‘You should never try to observe a partial eclipse or annular eclipse directly.’
    • ‘And a partial eclipse of the moon will be visible from the UK from around 6.45 pm until 10.00 pm.’
    • ‘It is not the only time this month Yorkshire is home to an astronomically significant event as on May 31 Scarborough is reckoned to be the best place to view a dramatic partial eclipse of the sun.’
    • ‘On July 30 there is a second partial eclipse of the Sun.’
    • ‘More often, there is no totality (or even an annular eclipse) because the Moon does not pass centrally across the solar disk, and so only a partial eclipse takes place.’
    • ‘It was actually a good save because when James spread himself, there was a partial eclipse of the sun in the northeast and Owen didn't see much of the target.’
    • ‘As the Moon climbed above the horizon it was seen to be somewhat dimmed, the partial eclipse having already begun.’
    • ‘Such damage has been reported for example in anti-aircraft gunners and plane spotters during World War II, and in people viewing a partial eclipse of the sun.’
    • ‘There was a partial eclipse of the moon this evening, which I saw.’