Definition of partial differential equation in English:

partial differential equation


  • An equation containing one or more partial derivatives.

    • ‘He generalised Monge's idea of the characteristic of a partial differential equation from 2nd order equations to nth order equations.’
    • ‘In 1904 he extended Whittaker's solution of the potential and wave equation by definite integrals to more general partial differential equations.’
    • ‘In the 1815 paper, which Pfaff submitted to the Berlin Academy on 11 May, he presented a transformation of a first-order partial differential equation into a differential system.’
    • ‘During this period he undertook research in several different areas of mathematics including algebraic equations, solving partial differential equations, and on negative numbers.’
    • ‘During the years 1892 to 1894 Volterra published papers on partial differential equations, particularly the equation of cylindrical waves.’