Definition of partake in English:


verbpartaken, partook

[no object]formal
  • 1partake ofEat or drink (something)

    ‘he partook of a well-earned drink’
    • ‘Refusing to partake of offered food or drink is considered a grave insult.’
    • ‘The delegation was headed by von Ribbentrop, and the execution of the pact included a scene in which the two countries' diplomats, having partaken heavily of vodka, danced to music from an old Victrola.’
    • ‘Local issues were discussed and a question and answer session then took place after which the meeting concluded and all partook of the refreshments provided.’
    • ‘It was a bit easier on me this viewing, since our seats were further back and I hadn't partaken of any of the vile, overpriced but tempting goodies at the candy bar.’
    • ‘It was apparent that they had partaken of a quantity of refreshment in one of the many fine hostelries in the area, some of which even have toilets for their female customers.’
    • ‘All diners wait in the bar first, partaking of the pub's excellent selection of drinks.’
    • ‘This was the man I was most anxious to meet but not before we had partaken of the sumptuous repast prepared by the capable and willing hands of the female congregation.’
    • ‘Caborn, ever the professional, kept a straight face, but his civil service minder Phil Townsend had to leave the room, giggling as if he had partaken of too much of the plant's produce.’
    • ‘The Torah also instructs us to recite a blessing of thanks before partaking of any food or drink, or even when encountering phenomenon like thunder or a rainbow.’
    • ‘So, in the end I did go out and meet Gillian, and we went to a pub just off the Cowley Road in Oxford with a bunch of other people of our acquaintance, where we partook of various alcoholic beverages and saw the New Year Malarakey in.’
    • ‘He was arrested at his home in the morning and held prisoner on the pavement outside Dan Donleen O'Connor's Bar, while some of his captors partook of liquor.’
    • ‘Come the day, and a considerable crowd assembled to partake of free food and drink.’
    • ‘My friends partook of the hot dogs that came off the rotating warming rack but I stuck to a soda and M & Ms or the candy-coated milk caramels called Sugar Babies.’
    • ‘Personally, and perhaps because it's a few years since I have partaken of it, I don't remember his food as being all that special.’
    • ‘They were severely and suddenly attacked last night after partaking of a hearty supper.’
    • ‘For now, however, I think it would be a good idea not to partake of any food or drink from anyone but the hotel.’
    • ‘Hollywood heavyweights Michael Keaton and John Cusack have partaken of the restaurant's high-class fare, while comedian Steve Coogan, John Hannah, Robbie Coltrane and Gail Porter have all been seen there.’
    • ‘I have no doubt he remembered I was the only one who had not partaken of his drinks the day before.’
    • ‘In the early 19th century, lunch in the modern sense was mostly partaken of by women, the men (especially those in business and the professions) eating large breakfasts and large dinners, and little in between.’
    • ‘More than a few will also tell you that you've not truly lived until you've partaken of certain proscribed herbs while the sun sets.’
    • ‘Well, I have to admit that I had partaken heavily of the jug myself, so I wasn't performing up to my usual standards that night, either.’
    • ‘Unlike them I had indeed partaken of this beverage over the years, without knowing much about its history or production processes.’
    • ‘I have just partaken of the Devil's food: Maynards limited edition alcoholic-flavoured wine gums.’
    • ‘Also, there is the mythological theme of the Monkey King, who has partaken of the Peach of Immortality.’
    consume, have, eat, drink, take, devour, polish off, ingest
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  • 2partake inJoin in (an activity)

    ‘visitors can partake in golfing or clay pigeon shooting’
    • ‘Rather, they were partaking in physical activity to feel good, to move, and to stay alive.’
    • ‘The twins graded the frequency in which they partook in religious activities such as reading scripture or other religious material and the importance of religious faith in daily life.’
    • ‘Everyone including all the Leaders partook in the following activities: Indoor Climbing Wall, Absailing and rock climbing and River Gorge walking.’
    • ‘These clubs run every week for an hour and a half and involve the young persons partaking in activities which help to develop their personalities, confidence and self-esteem.’
    • ‘They partake in a silly and harmless activity and then disperse at a given time.’
    • ‘The club partakes in a range of activities including sport, travel, week-ends away, social nights out and interclub competitions and exchanges.’
    • ‘Community composting is in itself the most rewarding activity that a group can partake in.’
    • ‘Having a child is a traumatic physical experience, and means that any other sort of activities a woman partakes in must take second place during the lengthy gestation period.’
    • ‘In this particular case, it's a mob of undertakers who partake in a bit of racketeering and diamond theft on the side.’
    • ‘However, aside from majoring in Drama the students took it a step further in October and November and partook in a club that any student could join called Shakespeare after school Drama Club.’
    • ‘Frank recalled that Gerard partook in all the sports activities and was top scorer in their indoor soccer tournament ‘because he had such a low centre of gravity no-one could get the ball off him!’’
    • ‘If you're going to partake in such activity, you need to know what you're doing.’
    • ‘I can never get over the shock of seeing Jake actually partake in classroom activities.’
    • ‘These are based on the observation that expenditure is typically necessary to partake in such recreational activities.’
    • ‘Among the activities they partook in were abseiling, exploring the local beach and climbing over the famous limestone mountains.’
    • ‘In effect, this means that 10 million drivers are partaking in a driving activity that is potentially more dangerous than being drunk.’
    • ‘He had to partake in other activities that day and put the Mets out of his mind.’
    • ‘It's just that all those years of partaking in Lenten activities made so much of that a part of who I am, so even though I gave up the core of what Lent is, I still took with me some of the valuable lessons.’
    • ‘No planning was made to partake in such activities, it was completely impromptu.’
    • ‘He questions how the act could be such a sin if only the holiest females seem to partake in such an activity.’
    participate in, take part in, engage in, enter into, join in, get involved in, share in, play a part in, contribute to, have a hand in, have something to do with
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  • 3partake ofBe characterized by (a quality)

    ‘the birth of twins became an event which partook of the mythic’
    • ‘Christian art was able to depict a heroic incident because, through the figure of Christ, human activity and suffering partook of the significance of salvation through human acts…’
    • ‘When it terminates in such a mount, it partakes of the quality of that particular mount.’
    • ‘As we saw in his testimony at the Elgin Marbles hearings, even though he knew the Apollo was a copy, he still preferred it to the Theseus, for ‘it partook of more ideal beauty.’’
    • ‘It did not meet a very happy fate in the High Court though and those elements of my argument which partake of that quality are difficult to put.’
    • ‘Marking the threshold between choir and nave, it represents the ‘liminal zone which partakes of the qualities of both’ the realms it delimits.’
    • ‘Rihani's concept of reconciliation implies two conditions: First, man must approach his brothers as well as all other living things as created beings partaking of the divine.’
    • ‘There were peace signs chalked on to the monuments in the square, giving the feeling for the first time that not everyone here is partaking of the ‘kill 'em all’ attitude as portrayed in the US media.’
    • ‘It isn't, as with digital effects, that some components of the shot are manufactured, while others are allegedly ‘real’; everything partakes of both qualities, through and through.’
    • ‘And, to that degree, Soviet anti-Semitism partook of the essential characteristic of all anti-Semitism.’
    • ‘They both partake of an autumnal quality, a sense of approaching darkness.’
    • ‘Even the grocery is done up to look as if it partook of some hoary antiquity.’
    • ‘It's as if the artist is joining the paparazzi stalking the divas, partaking of their aggressive ‘girl power’, or else giving artistic expression to the cult of celebrity worship.’
    have the attributes of, have the qualities of, suggest, evoke, be characterized by, hint at, evince, manifest
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Mid 16th century: back-formation from earlier partaker ‘person who takes a part’.