Definition of part company in English:

part company


  • 1(of two or more people) cease to be together; go in different directions.

    ‘they parted company outside the Red Lion’
    • ‘So routine was this sort of thing for him, that they never really even parted company with a ‘goodbye’, or ‘see you tomorrow.’’
    • ‘We will part company with the lie of ‘all getting together soon’ knowing how the rest of the evening will play out.’
    • ‘We parted company with Kevin with a degree of sadness.’
    • ‘With plenty of daylight still remaining we parted company with our well-laundered opponents and disbanded as unceremoniously as we had arrived.’
    • ‘During the time that we spent together, we learned a lot about each other and when we parted company, it was outside my hotel room with a long kiss good night.’
    • ‘Marsha's companions on the night she was murdered will recount their movements; Louisa and Natasha went with Marsha to a cinema in Kingston and parted company with her when they took a separate bus home.’
    • ‘I was surprised Watford parted company with him, but that seems to be the trend in football nowadays.’
    1. 1.1 (of two or more parties) cease to associate with each other, especially as the result of a disagreement.
      ‘the chairman has parted company with the club’
      • ‘Similarly, when he parted company with a business colleague of many years standing, he did his best to persuade him to stay and was ‘deeply touched’ when asked to speak at his funeral.’
      • ‘‘I am shocked and disappointed to have parted company with Tottenham over the weekend only six matches into the new season,’ Hoddle said.’
      • ‘He informed me that the Directors felt this was the right time to part company.’
      • ‘He parted company with the US in 1995 over his refusal to take on extra duties in player development, and the same year was dismissed by Mexico after lasting only three months in his second spell with that national side.’
      • ‘We wrote that one together and then we parted company on the final script because we didn't agree about the direction the story should take.’
      • ‘The past year has seen many bands come together and also part company.’
      • ‘After the first album, the band parted company with Warhol and Nico and recorded White Light / White Heat, a cacophonous, relentless assault on the ears and taste.’
      • ‘He said any couple could choose to divorce if they found it difficult to live together and employers and employees could also part company for the same reason.’
      • ‘Later, he bitterly parted company with the militants who spurred the great strike of 1951, paving the way for a slightly kinder, gentler face to industrial labour.’
      • ‘Basically, we didn't agree with some of the structures being implemented by the Board of Directors and decided that it would be in the best interests of everyone involved if we parted company with the club.’
      disagree with, fail to agree with, express disagreement with, be at odds with, be at variance with, argue with, take issue with
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