Definition of parsimoniously in English:



  • See parsimonious

    • ‘There are some employers who use them responsibly and very parsimoniously and make a serious effort to hire domestic workers before they go abroad to hire.’
    • ‘Moreover, although in its first stage of development, the models parsimoniously unify our understanding of previously disconnected empirical data on human mating and generate a rich set of testable predictions.’
    • ‘Yet a theory of media culture must not only account for such relationships, but do so parsimoniously: The facts of the matter must be explained as economically as possible with the greatest possible depth and scope.’
    • ‘The idea that mediums might be obtaining anomalous information that can most simply and parsimoniously be explained in terms of the continuance of consciousness is presumed categorically to be false by Hyman until proven otherwise.’
    • ‘However, large numbers of parameters lead to large sampling variances, so we would like to reduce the number of parameters and model the data parsimoniously.’