Definition of parse tree in English:

parse tree


  • A diagrammatic representation of the parsed structure of a sentence or string.

    • ‘Given a grammar, a parsing strategy's required space is the maximum necessitated by an enumeration that the strategy designates for a parse tree of the grammar.’
    • ‘Then using the Query page of the Linguist search engine the user could search for the following parse tree (plug your Penn Treebank notation memory module into your brain first).’
    • ‘The code generator takes the parse tree and translates it into a mini-program, which is made up of a series of instructions expressed in the VDBE's virtual machine language.’
    • ‘Each unit of memory is enough space for one node of a parse tree.’
    • ‘The structured sentence understood like this is referred to as a parse tree, the root being the abstract sentence and the leaves being the words themselves.’