Definition of parp in English:



  • A honking sound produced by, or like that produced by, a car horn.

    ‘the gentle parp of a military band’
    • ‘A loud parp and subdued groan from a cubicle to my left highlighted the need for such smothering background noises.’
    • ‘Disco beats and falsetto vocals nestled up to squelchy parps and ghost noises, and all to an accompaniment of flashing light-sabres.’
    • ‘A parp of a sax here, flute flaring as the choir harmonises - there is no rush.’
    • ‘‘Leaving town’ is an ominous return to the fray, hollow like vocals reminiscent of Nick Cave top acoustic guitar swirls, parps of harmonicas and littered with pregnant pauses that belie an icy charm comparable to early Bad Seeds outings.’
    • ‘It is an album of light - numerical opener ‘Modern Music’ starts with a rude sax parp, and ‘No Satisfaction’ has a pleasant gusty chug.’
    • ‘A couple of parps and he'd had enough, leaving me to savour the spoils of victory.’
    • ‘The quirky ‘Jump’ is a massive improvement on ‘Fly Or Die’, all harpsichord synth parps, funky bass, and teenage runaways phoning home.’
    • ‘A melodic first cousin of ‘She's The One’ it carries Robbie's indelible seal of arms-aloft pop and is punctuated by big brass parps and stirring keys.’
    • ‘The jabbering combination of parp and pulse and the sheer textural diversity of the piece make for a transcendent 30-minute finale.’
    • ‘The ghost-horn groove of ‘One of Us is Dead’ gets all metaphysical and Sixth Sense on us, the altered brass parps falling in line not like a dream whilst sleeping but like a dream whilst dead, if one can imagine such a thing.’


[NO OBJECT]informal
  • Make a honking sound.

    ‘the organ parped into the Bridal March’
    • ‘None of them wastes time parping on about vague ‘returns on investment’.’
    • ‘Let the lyres of joy be heard across the land, let nymphs cavort on the greensward of happiness, let angels parp their trumpets of glee, let… etc etc etc.’
    • ‘At least I think it's the whistle; it could be the sound of the steam parping out of my ears thanks to the performance of this computer.’
    • ‘Nothing is left alone, as strings sigh, saxophones parp and cellos moan on Lerche's quest to shove everything into this pop odyssey.’
    • ‘And the best way to help this is, when someone else on the road does something unpredictable, then you may parp, shout or gesticulate at them.’
    • ‘I may not be entirely serious here, and the Old Cricketer's writing style can boom and parp after a while, but one thing is heartfelt.’
    • ‘Another boat went past, bigger, the other way and parped loudly.’
    • ‘I'd managed to put the racket the England band is making out of mind, but Jen Welch mentioned it in passing and now all I can hear is their incessant parping and clanging.’
    • ‘The teams are out and listening to the Champions League tune parping out of Old Trafford's tinny PA.’
    • ‘Pipes parp in a some distorted guitar which builds up alongside a twinkling xylophone amid the tones of meandering strings.’
    • ‘Then again the French whistler parped so much he could have beat out a samba.’
    • ‘Britpop, on the other hand, isn't just dead but a festering zombie corpse, its ribcage dangling out of its chest, unmercifully massacring every Quadrophenia revivalist and ill-advised brass section left parping in its wake.’


1950s: imitative.