Definition of parodically in English:



  • See parody

    • ‘Conventional wisdom holds that allegory fell out of fashion near the end of the sixteenth century; even Spenser retreated from the mode late in The Faerie Queene, Milton used it only incidentally or parodically, and Sidney not at all.’
    • ‘By exposing identity as accreted rather than fixed, performance does not parodically deform an original identity: what is parodied is the notion of an original identity per se.’
    • ‘A second coming is what the movie is darkly and parodically all about, a second coming of a father whom the boys would love passionately if they were given the smallest encouragement.’
    • ‘The latter parodically re-enacts Christ's incarnation and descent to earth.’
    • ‘His technical command of complex stanza forms, sometimes used parodically, is striking.’